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Custom regulations: most foreign citizens enter the country with a valid passport. Residents of some countries may need to have visas.
More information on this you can get at the web site of the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration www.mvpei.hr.

Emergency phone numbers:
Country dialling code: +385
Police: 92
Fire-fighters: 93
Ambulance: 94
Unique number for all emergency situations: 112
Emergency number for search and rescue at sea: 9155
Road assistance: 987
General information: 988

Weather forecast: Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service brings regularly updated weather information and forecasts for the entire country, as well as general information about the climate in the area. Visit www.meteo.hr

Weather reports are broadcast at the following times (in UTC; UTC + 1 h = CET; CET + 1 h = CE summer time):
Rijeka Radio VHF Channel 24 - 05.35 14.35 19.35
Split Radio VHF Channels 21, 23, 07, 28 - 05.45 12.45 19.45
Dubrovnik Radio VHF Channels 04, 07 - 06.25 13.20 21.20
There are three coastal radio stations on the Croatian coast, which operate the radio communications service (telephone calls) and broadcast weather reports and warning announcements.

The coastal radio stations operate from 0 to 24 hours on the following VHF channels:
Rijeka Radio (9AR) channels 16, 24, 20 4
Split Radio (9AS) channels 16, 21, 23, 07, 70, 81 ,
Dubrovnik Radio (9AD) channels 16, 07, 24.
NAVTEX - Split Radio (9AS) B1 Ident.= Q , Freq.=518 kHz, Range=85 Nm, Time (UTC) 02.40 06.40 10.40 14.40 18.40 22.40 , Language=English
Each coastal radio station has transmitting and receiving stations on several locations. If contact is not established on one of the channels, other channels should be tried.
Harbourmaster’s offices can usually be contacted on VHF Channel 10, marinas on Channel 17.

News in foreign languages:
Channel 1 of Croatian Radio airs news in English every day at 8:05 p.m.
Channel 2 of Croatian Radio airs traffic information in English, German and Italian, every day during the summer

Traffic: For important notifications from the local Port Authorities visit their web site www.portauthority.hr. For the updates on the road traffic and other useful info on Croatian roads visit the web site of Croatian Automobile Club www.hak.hr. For train schedules visit the site of Croatian Railways www.hznet.hr, and for the timetables of ferries visit www.jadrolinija.hr.

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