Powercats in Croatia

Powercats run on motors and don’t have sails. They incorporate the best features of a motor yacht and combines it with the traditionally good characteristics of sailing catamarans. They are rather easy to navigate and they have stronger engines so they get you faster to your destination.

Unlike mono-hull motor yachts, power cats can’t perform swift manoeuvres at sea. Their purpose is to simply and fast take you to places, providing maximum spaciousness and commodity. If you expect or desire speed adventure, catamaran is not the right boat for you. Although their engines can provide impressive speed of up to 24 knots and exceptional fuel economy found only in a catamaran.
Their main advantage is that they wonderfully combine comfort, speed and simplicity in navigation. There is no hassle with the sails, there is no sensation of being closed in, there is no endless rides and waiting for the favourable wind. 
It takes powerful motors to move a catamaran, and that means gas, but because of the reduced drag from the slim hulls, power cats use less fuel than similarly sized motor yacht, with the bonus of greater range and much lower fuel cost. The slippery shape of the power cat also means it needs smaller engines to match the speed of a monohull powerboat.

Powercat is the ideal cruising power boat, capable of both speed and extended cruising ranges that cannot be matched by any monohull boat. Browse through our offer of LagoonNautitech, Outremer, Fountaine, Seawind and other models of power catamarans and send us your enquiry.

Power Boat Croatia

Feel the speed on the Adriatic!!!



Lagoon Power 44

Lagoon Power 44

Built: 2006

Lenght: 13.04 m

Cabins: 4

From: 5800 


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